Seminole History

The US government had been trying to rid the eastern US of american indians in the 1800s. The Creek War of 1813-14 caused many Creek indians move into Florida and join to become the Seminole tribes of Florida. The Seminoles then battled in the First Seminole War from 1814-18 against President Jackson and the US military. Many peace treaties were then made between the US and Seminole tribes, however, it eventually resulted in the Second Seminole War of 1835 and the Third Seminole war of 1856. Although only a few hundred Seminole people still remained in Florida, the US military gave up and considered the war over without a peace treaty. The Seminoles lived in the swamps of Florida for many years through fishing and hunting, but much of their land was invaded with people and almost led to the extinction of the Seminoles. Yet, in 1938, over 80,000 acres of land were set aside for the Seminole tribes to live and prosper in by the US government where they live today.


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